Pop-Up Restaurant and Pool Concept


This is a recent speculative design project, designed in conjunction with Will Austin of ALT8V. The concept is a pop-up restaurant built around an existing Thames Lighter barge. The conversion is designed to carry 2 shipping containers to the waterside location, providing kitchen, seating and all facilities for a restaurant of up to 96 covers. The equipment is designed as a standardised kit of parts, much of it CNC-cut.

Pop-Up Floating Restaurant :

The barge in its current state.

Animation : m4v file

Transport Mode

Restaurant Mode

Kit Components

Electric Palms :

Building on the ‘pop-up beach bar’ concept, we designed a palm-tree which would be both photovoltaic collector and a lightsource at night.

Designed to be CNC-cut in 19mm ply on a bent steel support, with leaf forms designed to reduce wastage from standard 8x4 sheets (see right), the leaves will have embedded PV cells and be edged in green addressable LED’s.

The photo shows a 3D-printed scale model of the palm tree, printed in green PLA.

Pop-Up Pool :