Reports & Academic Work


The New East London Waterways : A Catalyst for Enterprise

“...Where the area has been regenerating organically, both pre-ODA and latterly alongside Olympic developments, it has developed an identity and an emergent design language of its own. This language, of container buildings, of pop-up studios, factory churches, hackspaces, app-designers, rapid-prototyping and fixed-gear urban cycle chic, would be out of place even in other parts of London. It is the result of East London's cheap property and the fluid connections between artists, community groups, statutory organisations, social enterprise and hard-nosed commerce.” (12.7Mb pdf)


The Renewal Project at St. Martin-in-the-Fields Church

“...this understates the main achievement, which is the skilful and inspired use of daylight to create a range of successful spaces, in some cases two floors below ground level. The Dick Sheppard Chapel, in particular, is a thoroughly Modernist space which succeeds in being both light and solemn, private and transparent. The lightwell and skylights, both capturing daylight and providing dramatic views back up to the church steeple, continually animate the plain, understated surface finishes.” (1.5Mb pdf)


Evolutionary Architecture (BSc (Hons) Dissertation)

“...Just as breakthroughs in steel manufacturing revolutionised construction in the 19th Century, what are the possible paradigm-shifts that might affect construction in this bio- centred future? Could nanotechnology and biotechnology point to a more sustainable future, or can architecture move forward by looking backwards to less intensive forms of technology ?”  (1.8Mb pdf)


Vegetated SUDS : Quantifying the Benefits of Urban ‘Rain Gardens’ on Air Pollution, Air Cooling, UHIE and Health.

“Portland has used every opportunity to incorporate SUDS into road safety and active travel (cycling & walking). Rain gardens provide road-narrowing; Pathways and cycle tracks are separated from traffic by continuous vegetated strips or swales; Grass verges are converted to infiltration and detention basins; Pocket parks, created by removing traffic, create bike- and walker-friendly spaces with all the benefits of vegetated SUDS. The secondary benefits to Portland have been substantial, in terms of health, employment, and local spending.”

(Photo credit - UK Rain Garden Guide. Bray, Gedge, Grant & Leuthvilay.)  (148Kb pdf)


Steel in Construction : Paddington Trainshed & Exchange House.

“Brunel knew that cast iron was good in compression. Wrought iron, on the other hand, was preferred for tensile and shear stresses. Although more difficult and expensive to produce by the 'puddling' method, it could be bolted and forge-welded, and became the established choice for beams, trusses and tie- bars. And so there arose this combination of wrought iron for tensile strength and general toughness, with cast iron sustaining compressive loads.”  (1.1Mb pdf)