Luma Sculpture : Design


In 2013, I worked with art@actonstreet to design, prototype and build an interactive ‘spaceship’ sculpture for Burning Man Arts Festival.

Working from a practical and conceptual brief from the lead artist, I developed a form which could be prototyped in East London, pre-fabricated in Oakland CA, and assembled in the desert at Black Rock City, Nevada.

The theme of Burning Man was ‘Cargo Cult’, and Luma played on this theme by presenting an example of alien technology which had fallen to Earth.

The illustrations below show the design process, from my initial sketch through to 2D and 3D representation using a range of software tools. Rather than generating the organic form in 3D software such as Rhino3D, I used traditional orthographic projection to develop a series of ‘slices’ through the drawn form. These 2D elements were then lofted in Rhino3D to create 3D visualisations, and also to create the timber structure at full scale.

Luma : Interactive Sculpture for Burning Man Festival, 2013

Click here to see how I developed the design for construction >>Luma_Develop.html