Luma Sculpture : Construction - Prototype


This page shows photographs of the building of the prototype in the yard at London Hackspace. The curved parts were transferred to 12mm WBP plywood , and cut out in pairs using a jigsaw.

Luma : Construction of the Prototype at London Hackspace

Click here to see construction in California >>Luma_Construct_2.html

The prototyping stage allowed the opportunity to try out different surface finishes for both interior and exterior. The exterior was designed to be covered in recycled CD’s (counterfeits seized by HM Customs) laid to resemble fish scales. I designed a 3D-printed jig to simplify the process of hot-gluing the CD’s to woven tape, so that strips/courses of CD’s could be attached to the substrate, rather than having to fix 4000 individual CD’s in the desert. The interior was origami paper panels, scored using the Hackspace lasercutter, and creatively lit by a DMX-controlled lighting system designed by Mark Stokes.