This page shows some design visualisations and dimensioned cutting plans carried out in Sketchup for ALT8V. I will add photos of the finished items at a later date.

Media Unit :

Plan View.

As the Plan View shows, the wall was not a single flat plane. This meant that the design was not as straightforward as the final elevation might suggest.

The brief called for a panel near the centre, large enough for a large flat-screen TV. The alcove limited the positioning of the TV. Originally, we were aiming for symmetry, but this was impossible. However, it was important to make the cupboard doors all the same width. Using a 500mm modular door width, it was possible to house the TV and at the same time create an elegant, albeit asymmetrical, piece of furniture in 3 portable modules.

The TV was backed with a leather-covered panel to keep cables covered and maintain the seamless elegance.