EcoHouse Co.Clare


After several years working as a site carpenter, I attended the Centre for Alternative Technology Self-Build Course in 1993. This gave me the confidence to design and build my own timber-frame house on a 3.25 acre site in the West of Ireland.

Design & Self-Build Project

Concept & Design

Times Article (pdf)EcoHouse_Design_files/Times%20Article_1.pdf


The house was pioneering in the use of lightweight, single-skin timber frame in Ireland. In the mid-90’s, any talk of timber construction was met with tales of ‘The Three Little Piggies.” By the end of the Irish construction boom, timber frame (manufactured) was accounting for >30% of the market.

Key design features include :

  1. Breathing Construction

  2. Passive Solar Design

  3. EcoCel Recycled Cellulose Insulation

  4. Poison-free interior

  5. Constructed from sustainable softwoods and temperate hardwoods

  6. Reedbed Wastewater Treatment

  7. Organic gardens, orchards and polytunnels

  8. Tree-plantings for construction and zero-carbon bio-mass energy