Panelvent House

Trade Skills :

I was fortunate to learn site carpentry from tradesmen who served real apprenticeships, and who gave me a sense of continuity and tradition handed down from craftsmen over the centuries. I also watched and learnt from other tradesmen, and, as a jobbing builder, picked up the basics of many trades :

  1. Site Carpentry (roofing, studwork and framing, shuttering...)

  2. Joinery (Windows, doors, staircases...)

  3. Cabinet-Making

  4. Boatbuilding

  5. Blocklaying & Bricklaying

  6. Roof Slating & Tiling

  7. Plumbing & Heating

  8. Electrical

  9. Groundworks & Drainage

Types of Construction :

Other types of construction in which I've been involved include :

  1. New Build - Masonry (Brick, block)

  2. Timber Kit - Post & Beam (eg.Potton)

  3. Timber Kit - 150mm Stud (Guildway, Scandinavian Homes)

  4. Timber Stick-Built - Bolted Post & Beam, Bitvent sheathing...

  5. Timber Stick-Built - 150mm Stud, Panlevent sheathing...

  6. Timber Stick-Built - Heavy oak Post & Beam

  7. Timber - Walter Segal Method

  8. Barn Conversions (Oak-Frame and Brick)

  9. Grade II Listed Refurbishment work

  10. Boatbuilding - timber and steel.

The pictures above link to information on a selection of interesting projects. All this practical, hands-on experience means that I design and detail projects from a position of understanding the construction process.

Thatched Cottage

Bat-Friendly Roof